Spanish Serenade
Spanish Serenade

September 23 – October 4, 2014
From $3,999

Celebrate fascinating landmarks, exotic structures and natural wonders as you cruise around the Iberian Peninsula to the French Riviera and Italy’s revered west coast aboard the luxurious Oceania Cruises Marina. Depart Lisbon for Gibraltar, and view its tremendous landscape defined by the Rock of Gibraltar, a massive Jurassic limestone ridge. Sail to Morocco and take in fragrant spices as you walk the narrow streets of the Old Medina in Tangier, then on to Málaga along Spain’s Costa del Sol, where archaeological monuments from over 2,800 years of history are on display. Continue to Valencia, and delight in Baroque cathedrals, lively plazas and the visually impressive City of Arts and Sciences. Regional spirit thrives in Barcelona, a cultural hub where famed architect Antoni Gaudi masterfully left his mark. Experience the charm of colorful Marseille, gateway to the rich Provençal countryside, and the irresistible allure of St-Tropez, a small village transformed into a glamorous French Riviera masterpiece in the 1950s. Savor more glitz in Monte Carlo, the glittering Riviera playground of the wealthy, where its famed casino and palace radiate luxury. Admire wonders such as Michelangelo’s classic David and the majestic Duomo adorned with Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence, or stand before the legendary Leaning Tower in Pisa, before your cruise concludes in legendary Rome.


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Go NextFor over 30 years, Go Next has been designing and operating quality trips that appeal to all age groups. The programs are designed for both the group traveler as well as the independent traveler. Go Next travelers have the flexibility to explore on their own or choose from the selection of optional excursions led by expert guides.
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