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Club Leadership Conference 2017

Club Leadership Conference is a two day conference where leaders from over 100 Auburn Clubs and alumni affiliates are invited to learn more about the club program, the Auburn Alumni Association, and Auburn University. Leaders are provided resources and tools to effectively lead clubs in their areas.

SAVE THE DATE FOR 2018: February 2-3


An Auburn Club is for all Auburn alumni and friends. The Auburn Alumni Association is dependent upon members making contributions to provide the necessary financial support to help carry on the services and programs required for an effective Auburn Club Program. According to Section 5 of the Policy for Auburn Clubs included in the by-laws of the Auburn Alumni Association, active membership in an Auburn Club shall be limited to the active members of the Auburn Alumni Association. All club officers must be active members of the National Alumni Association, but the by-laws of any club provide that worthy and loyal friends who are not alumni may become associate members of the local club. All clubs should promote this effort, since Auburn has tremendous non-alumni support from people across the state, region, and nation.

2017 Clubs Awards

Most Outstanding Communication Trophy

Most Outstanding Communication
Greater Houston Auburn Club

Most Outstanding Auburn Alumni in Action Trophy

Most Outstanding Auburn Alumni in Action Project
Chicago Auburn Club

Most Outstanding Club Event Trophy

Most Outstanding Club Event
St. Louis Auburn Club

Most Outstanding Club Leader Trophy

Most Outstanding Club Leader
Zach Jones and Kathryn Ray
Triangle Area Auburn Club

Most Outstanding Scholarship Program Trophy

Most Outstanding Scholarship Program
Atlanta Auburn Club

Most Outstanding Young Alumni Program Trophy

Most Outstanding Young Alumni Program
Huntsville-Madison County Auburn Club
Los Angeles Auburn Club
New York Auburn Club

Highest Increase in Attendance at Annual Meetings Trophy

Highest Increase in Attendance at Annual Meetings
Golden Isles Auburn Club

Ambush: a group of tigers

The AMBUSH tour traveled to Tampa, Dallas, and Lake Martin and helped raise funds to benefit Auburn student scholarships in the respective communities. Visit the links below to view photos of the events.

Outline of the State of Florida

May 4th

Tampa, FL

View Photos
Auburn Clubs Texas Icon

May 11th

Dallas, TX

View Photos
Auburn Clubs Alabama Icon

June 8th

Lake Martin, AL

View Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Auburn Club Membership Commissions program?

Auburn Club Membership Commissions is a program established and approved by the board of directors of the Auburn Alumni Association to foster and increase memberships in the association, as well as to enhance the association membership experience. By joining the alumni association, one is automatically a member of their local Auburn Club. A three-year roll out program was established, with the first group of clubs joining the program on October 1, 2009. The second group of clubs joined on October 1, 2010. The third and final group joined on October 1, 2011. All clubs now participate in Auburn Club Membership Commissions.

How Does Auburn Club Membership Commissions Increase Memberships?

Alumni had expressed increased confusion of being asked to pay memberships in the association and in the clubs, not understanding the difference in both groups and many feeling they should not pay to join both. Dues in both groups were seen as conflicting with one another. Since clubs are chartered under the Auburn Alumni Association, it seemed logical that club members should be members of the association. Thus, by joining the Auburn Alumni Association, one is automatically a member of the Auburn Club in their area, if applicable.

How do Auburn Clubs Benefit from Auburn Club Membership Commissions?

The Auburn Alumni Association will automatically assign members of the alumni association to a club in their area. Names and contact information will be provided to the clubs with the goal of increasing membership and participation in the clubs. The association will pay “commissions” to clubs who recruit new and returning members to the association. These incentive payments are made after the end of the association’s fiscal year, September 30, and deposited to the club’s annual or endowed scholarship fund held by the AU Foundation (no later than November 15). If a club does not have a club scholarship, the money will be held for one year to allow the club time to establish one. After one year, if the club has not established a scholarship fund with AU, the money will be placed in the Auburn Alumni Association scholarship endowment. The membership department will provide to clubs membership applications with the club code marked clearly on each throughout the year. It is also possible to join the alumni association online, designating the local club as one joins, which will result in a commission being awarded to the applicable club. Applying for a membership is available online at:

What Will Lead to the Success of Auburn Club Membership Commissions?

This program will be successful if membership increases in the alumni association and in clubs, and if clubs participate by recruiting members and educating them on using the club code on application forms or the club name when joining online, subsequently receiving monies from the association in the club’s scholarship fund.

Can my local club still have membership dues?

No. Membership will be unified. All members of the alumni association will automatically be eligible for local club participation. This will eliminate confusion between club memberships and association memberships.

Who can provide my club with membership applications?

Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs – Club Management for your special promo-coded membership applications. You can contact them at [email protected] or 334-844-1148. Also, a PDF application is available for download. Just click the membership application link and insert your club code in the AU Club Code field.

How much scholarship money will my club make by selling association memberships?

  • $10 from a NEW Annual Membership ($50)
  • $12 from a NEW Annual Joint Membership ($65)
  • $2 from an Annual Renewal ($50)
  • $62 from a NEW Life Membership ($850)
  • $86 from a NEW Life Joint Membership ($1,175)

Can my club use the money for operational funds instead?

No. All incentive monies will be transferred to your local club scholarship fund by the end of September each year. Your club will also receive a statement of your commission funds transferred into your local club scholarship fund.

Can you tell me how many memberships my club has acquired this month/year?

Yes, the Auburn Club Membership Commissions club code allows us to track your memberships.

What is a club code?

The club code is a code used to track memberships for your club so you can raise money for your club. Make sure your membership cards/forms are coded so your club gets credit.

How do people join the alumni association?

There are 3 easy ways for people to join:

  • Online at and use the club code or select your local club
  • Mail completed applications forms specially marked with your club code
  • Telephone call to the membership office at (334) 844-2960 and mention your club

My club does not have a local scholarship. How do I start a scholarship?

Call (334)-844-2995. Steve Inabinet can help your club start a scholarship program.